What is The Track Project?
Well, I'm glad you asked. We, at Thor Icelandics, are building a major track. We are working an area on our farm to put in both a straight-away and an oval track, so that we can host every possible kind of Icelandic horse event. This area is currently referred to as 'the war zone', because ... well, it looks like a bomb went off. But it will be fantastic once it is done!

The straight-away will be over 300 meters so that we can host breed evaluations, 150m pace races, 250m pace races, and more. The oval will be regulation size so that we can host every type of show; everything from schooling shows, to sanctioned shows, and world ranking shows. The audience hill is situated above the track, with easy parking in the field above it.

This track will not only be used for shows, it will also be used for practice, photo shoots, or just for fun exercises with your horse.

Why are we making this project a public thing?
Even though our family's farm is privately owned, numerous folks in the Icelandic horse community have stepped forward and requested that we make our project public knowledge. The reason that they have requested this is because the project is a HUGE undertaking. It is not only a lot of work, and it will cost a lot of money, but it could take years to complete without your help.

There was great enthusiasm from folks to help support us in building this track - to make it happen. They loved the idea that there will be a facility with a track that they can use, and for everyone to get together and have great events. They feel that it will be such a great central location for all of us to meet and enjoy our Icelandic horses together. They felt that this is a great cause for the Icelandic horse community to donate some money to help make this happen. It will be an asset for us all.

Why should you care about- and donate to this project?
Everyone in our horse community is always welcome to come to our farm, to use our other track (which is regulation size for sports competitions), seek help and advice, or just come for a visit. With the construction of our new track, and especially if the Icelandic horse community aids us financially and morally in its construction, Kristjan and Johanna wanted to make it crystal clear that this could be viewed as our Icelandic horse community's track.

It took a lot of convincing for Kristjan and Johanna to agree to this fundraiser, and accept money from our horse community. They felt that because this track will in essence be privately owned, that some folks might feel awkward about donating to it. But they agreed that this would be a great asset for the Icelandic horse community, considering there are so few facilities available in this country to hold events, let alone facilities that have regulation sized tracks for Icelandic horse events.

Why should you donate? Because if we build it, they will come. It will allow all of us to have more events of all types - more breed evaluations, shows, clinics, demonstrations, practice area, and so much more, not to forget all the fun we will have.

Let's talk dollars - how much?
How much money are we talking about? We've estimated that the cost will be over $20,000. We are doing all of the groundwork ourselves: clearing the area, and preparing it for the big machines to come in. This $20,000+ is the price for the bulldozing work, and the material that is needs to be brought in.

One of our supporters said on Day 1 she would do a $1,000 matching fund. Match her and we've only got $18,000 more to raise!

How can you donate?
You can do a few things; the most obvious would be sending a check. But we feel that we also need to do something in return for you, the donor. We want to let everyone in our Icelandic horse community know that you are always welcome to come and ride with us at any time (just give us a call to let us know you're coming). If you need some help with your horse / riding, we wouldn't call it a clinic, but we would call it your contribution to the track. We will also be holding a schooling show with a competition clinic Friday September 10 through Sunday the 12th. The proceeds from this event will be going toward the track. If you come to these events to ride, or just to watch, your donations and fees will all be going toward the track. And who knows?! Maybe we will have some more fun events later in the fall, too.

In times likes this, it is so wonderful and positive to look forward to creating something where we can really get together, enjoy each other, and our horses. You can help by being a part of this positive project, and create something wonderful for us all, and this horse breed.

Thank you
We want to thank all of our friends and supporters for their enthusiasm, love, encouragement and support. We are so proud to be part of this great Icelandic horse community. Let's make this happen! Kristjan, Johanna, Thorunn and Fridrik – the family of Thor Icelandics

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